About the East Africa Chamber


The EACC was formed with the vision to advance the social and economic development relationship between businesses and governmental agencies of East Africa and the U.S. To this end, and with the endorsement of the governments of East Africa through their Washington embassies, the Chamber is seeking membership, partnership and affiliations that will enable it to meet its objectives which include:

The East Africa member countries represent the emerging markets of the growing economic region.

The EACC is the Chamber, uniquely positioned to provide the access, networking, and consultation required for the success of business.

Mission and Vision

  • E.A chamber of Commerce is dedicated to economically empowering and sustaining member communities through entrepreneurship, consulting and promoting trade opportunities in both U.S and E.A via interaction with both regions businesses and governmental regions.
  • To advance social and economic relationship between government and businesses in the two regions.


  1. Promote U.S economic trade relations with East Africa while reducing trade barriers and incorporating cultural and technical regulations.
  2. Act as a liaison entity to promote trade missions, and cooperation between the two regions for governmental or multinational organizations.
  3. Convene meetings and a range of workshops for business and governmental entities in efforts to promote mentoring, cultural resources and referrals to boost trade and tourist.
  4. Create a network of corporations with motives to aggressively market East Africa to the use of “open for business campaigning”.
  5. Develop and compile a resource base of intellectual property that is pertinent on doing business in East Africa.
  6. Use the Chamber’s reward and recognition program to highlight leaders who promote and propagate stronger business and development ties between the two regions.
  7. Providing charitable support for these purposes by providing grants.