Republic of Burundi

Republic of BurundiBurundi is the latest entrant to the planned East Africa federation. The people of Burundi share with the other E. A. Community people many social and cultural ties. Like Kenya, Tanzania and parts of Rwanda and Uganda, Burundi’s National language is Kiswahili.

Burundi (AKA “the Switzerland in Africa”) is a land locked country bordering Rwanda to its north, Tanzania to its east and south and the Democratic Republic of Congo to its west. It also borders a long stretch the expansive Lake Tanganyika to its west. Though a small country of just under 11 000 Sq. miles, Burundi boast a growing economy fueled by the Agricultural sector. Burundi’s largest source of revenue is coffee, which makes up 93% of Burundi’s exports. Other agriculture products include cotton, tea, maize, sorghum, sweet potatoes, bananas, manioc (tapioca); beef, milk, and hides. Additionally Burundi is rich in natural resources. Some include uranium, nickel, cobalt, copper, and platinum. Most of these resources are largely unexploited, providing promising prospects for investors. It is also significant to note that a sizeable population of Burundians lives abroad. This was the result of internal strife that caused the displacement of many Burundians. In 2006, the United States accepted approximately 10,000 Burundian refugees. Burundians in the diaspora make an enormous contribution to the economy through remittances and direct investment both in the economy and continued social-political reform of the country.

Burundi has worked hard to reform its trade and macroeconomic policies against the background of continuous socio-political tensions and periodic outbreaks of violent tribal conflict. Currently, there is evidence that there have been a significant rationalization and simplification of Burundi’s trade policy. Burundi has successfully eliminated most quantitative import restrictions and reduced the average level and range of its tariffs.

Burundi’s political system is presidential based upon a multi-party system. The President of Burundi, Pierre Nkurunziza is the head of state and head of government. Capital City, Bujumbura.